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Bee Zen

15 Sep

Mornings like this one, I forget about to-do lists and ten year business plans. I forget too about pesticide kills and chemical-coated produce.

The hum of at least one healthy hive up early for their morning munchies is enough for me.

Rise + Shine


Another bee kill in Albuquerque

10 Sep

This week, another local (and longtime) beekeeper was devastated by a massive kill in one of his strongest hives. If only bees could form a class action lawsuit…

This is the first of the bee kill from Sept 9th which continued into today the 10th. I have tried to find out who sprayed what where and will hopefully have some leads tomorrow. This hive WAS three stories with a brand new queen.. WAS… Better Living through Chemistry… .

A massive bee kill in Los Ranchos

A massive bee kill in Los Ranchos

Chemical Kill @ The Polski Hive?

7 Sep

Overnight, the Polski Hive seems to have been poisoned and just like last year’s bee massacre in July, it was sudden and excruciating to witness.

Apparently, pesticide poisoning is a neighborhood tradition.