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Silence of the Honeybees

30 Jul

As we speak PBS is airing a documentary about colony collapse disorder, “Silence of the Honeybees.”

If you missed it, watch it online at

The Pollen Files: Fernbush

14 Jul

Fernbush, Chamaebatiaria millefolium, is hardly a Prom queen knock-out. In fact, its tiny white flowers are barely noticeable.

But when the high heat of summer hits us full force in Albuquerque, it’s the low-water fernbush that nurtures us through. After the lavender bloom but before the aster and solidago flush with late summer goodies, it’s the delicate and sweet-eyed fernbush that quietly offers sustenance for our hungry pollinators.

My girls are all over it like teenagers desperate for a date, oblivious to me the camera-wielding parent oh-so-annoying in my insistence that Prom be fully documented for posterity.

Gathering pollen from the fernbush

Gathering pollen from the fernbush

Mmm... summertime munchies

Mmm... summertime munchies


Scene @ NM Summer Beekeeping Seminar

11 Jul

A great crowd and plenty of learning at today’s summer seminar “Nectar for Your Noggin” organized by the New Mexico Beekeepers Association. Personally, I’m still assimilating the intellectual goodies and promise to post a recap soon.

Until then, here’s a few photos from the event.

IMG_3104 IMG_3122
IMG_3109 IMG_3160
IMG_3136 IMG_3166

Et aussi, the slides from my newbeek presentation: “Oh Sweet Confusion: What I Learned My First Year Keeping Bees
View the presentation online
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Yours truly @ New Mexico Beekeepers Meeting tomorrow

10 Jul

All the drama of a first year beekeeper can be yours at tomorrow’s gathering of the New Mexico Beekeepers Association.

I’m on deck @ 9am to share “Tales of a Beginning Beekeeper” which is really code for Chaos and Utter Confusion. But I promise to share plenty of photos and video from the past year’s dramatic journey into the land of urban beekeeping.

More information

New Mexico State Beekeepers Association — Summer Seminar

  • July 11, 2009
  • 9a.m. – 4:30pm (registration starts at 8am)
  • Visiting guest Serge Labesque- “Chemical Free Bees” from northern California, is keynote speaker. The morning session will include round-robins with local NM beekeepers.

Rio West Community Church
6751 Pasilla Rd, NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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