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Silence of the Honeybees

30 Jul

As we speak PBS is airing a documentary about colony collapse disorder, “Silence of the Honeybees.”

If you missed it, watch it online at PBS.org.

Seducing the Farmers; Killing the Bees

16 Apr

Pesticides are the siren seductress luring America’s farmers into unwitting participation in the massive honeybee catastrophe. Or so says Evaggelos Vallianatos at Truthout.org.

Honeybees Continue to Vanish: Don’t Blame Aliens — It’s Our Addiction to Pesticides That’s at Fault

Sounds to me like it’s time for a showdown. My money’s on Bhramari Devi, the goddess of black bees, to quietly lash back with some serious bee mojo.

Goddess of Black Bees

Goddess of Black Bees