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Take the Albuquerque beekeeping survey

28 Mar

A great idea came out of yesterday’s packed beekeeper’s meeting… a beekeeping survey.

Take the survey now

Only 16 questions, the survey is designed to gain some insight into the typical practices of beekeepers in Albuquerque. Please encourage all local beekeepers to participate!

Huge thanks to everyone for sharing your experience and insight.


Albuquerque beekeeping meeting: March 27, 2010

26 Mar
Albuquerque beekeepers gather to talk shop.

Albuquerque beekeepers gather to talk shop.

Fellow Albuquerque beeks, our first meeting of the season is tomorrow! Get details and RSVP.

Tomás Urrea (The “Biopark beekeeper”) will be sharing ideas for how to make hive splits. Learn more about Tomás.
And we’ll also talk about “what to do now in your hives.”
This meeting is FREE and casual. Bring honey for tasting if you’d like.

NM Legislature passes bee-friendly memorial

15 Mar

State flower of New Mexico | Photo by Eric Ward

Never have I seen so many “whereas” issued on behalf of New Mexico’s pollinator posse. Thanks to one of my personal favorite politicos, Mimi Stewart, publicly-funded places like schools, universities, county and local municipalities are requested to:

  1. Plant pollinator-friendly species
  2. Provide educational signs for the public about the role of pollinators in our communities
  3. Hold a Pollinator Appreciation Week (yay!)
  4. Collaborate with scientists and orgs working on pollinator preservation

Thanks, Mimi! I know who’s getting a fat jar of local honey delivered to her office 😉

And thanks to local bee-appreciator Lexiecom for the tip.

Read the full memorial below. Continue reading

The 2010 Albuquerque Swarm List

4 Mar

Local beeks are about to be deluged. My girls are carrying pollen by the basketfuls and the nectar flow is just weeks away.

If you, like me, are in need of free bees or want to help with the local swarm pick-up team, add your name: Who Wants to be on the 2010 Swarm List?