Looking for top bar hive plans from Bee Culture?

4 Feb

Welcome, Bee Culture readers and fans of TJ Carr’s proposal for a standard top bar hive for beekeepers!

Here are the detailed plans by for a standardized and gorgeous TBH by longtime Albuquerque beekeeper and retired engineer, TJ Carr, and John Bradford.


The standardized Top Bar Hive design by TJ Carr and John Bradford


One Response to “Looking for top bar hive plans from Bee Culture?”

  1. blainenayBlaine Nay February 4, 2016 at 10:55 am #

    I no longer use top bar hives. I went back to the Langstroths that I’ve used for over 50 years (yes, at age 67, I’m still using deeps). That said, the 3 top bar hives I used all had 19-1/2″ top bars that could, as shown in this set of plans, fit into a Langstroth hive. Standardization is a big deal for me. Being able to move frames and top bars between disease-free hives is a big advantage of such standardization. I recommend these dimensions to all who want to try top bars hives.

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