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Bee Zen

15 Sep

Mornings like this one, I forget about to-do lists and ten year business plans. I forget too about pesticide kills and chemical-coated produce.

The hum of at least one healthy hive up early for their morning munchies is enough for me.

Rise + Shine


New photo of the White House bee hive

4 May

Forget pork, it’s honey season at the White House and how sweet it is.

Bee hive on the White House lawn

Bee hive on the White House lawn

My fiancé’s family visited D.C. this Saturday and snapped a few photos of the hive which, as you can see, is towering with 3 honey supers up top. 

Some notes on the White House beehive

Some notes on the White House beehive


Mike, Sabrina, and Paul on their daytrip from Chicago to D.C.

More on the White House honeybees:

Photos of the White House Beehive

10 Apr

UPDATE: New photos of the White House beehive

Wondering what’s up with the White House bee hive?

As a friend of the new official White House beekeeper, ToniBee’s got a front row seat on the most excellent beekeeping adventure occurring at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


11 May

One week after installing a new package, we opened up our hive and found:

  • tons of honey
  • 2 new combs
  • some larvae
  • no queen
  • no new brood
  • 2 supercedure cells

Methinks the queen has disappeared. We didn’t remove the supercedure cells thinking that maybe the workers are trying to raise a new one but at the end of the day we’re utter newbies. Clueless.

I’ve got an email into TJ for advice. In the meantime, the only consolation is that I tasted my first homegrown honey today and it was divine.

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My lovely new topbar hive

24 Mar

My new top bar hiveProps to local woodworker, Bill H., for crafting this lovely little bee home. It’s a Kenyan Top Bar Hive with plenty of modifications designed by local bee sage, TJ.

I’ve got a lot of old men looking out for me.

My hive has arrived…

20 Mar

My hive has arrived! I will post pictures soon.

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