Michelle Obama on Bees at the White House

21 Mar

In this BBC video, Michelle Obama talks bees with a group of school children helping her dig the new White House garden:

“We’re going to also have a beehive, because one of gardeners here…I’m glad you’re excited because my kids aren’t very excited about the beehive… But we’re gonna try to make our own honey here.”

The announcement of a White House beehive, bliss for beekeepers lobbying to raise the profile of nature’s most effective pollinator, was overlooked by most news outlets in favor of garden-pretty photos and plans for a potager on the White House lawn.

Michelle Obama rakes with the raking action

Michelle Obama rakes with the raking action

Not that a kitchen garden at the White House isn’t exciting enough but somebody’s gotta pollinate all that garden goodness.

The Honey Bee Conservancy shares the full scoop on the White House bee hive.


One Response to “Michelle Obama on Bees at the White House”

  1. Griffin April 19, 2009 at 3:34 pm #

    got to love that raking action!

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