Thieves in the Night: Transporting a hive by flashlight

5 Apr

Moving the "Jerry hive" into her new home

While others spent their Friday night sipping “Cucumber Saintinis” at Nob Hill Bar & Grill, we were hustling hives.

Like stealthy thieves in the night, we picked up a hive from the North Valley where she’s spent the past couple of years productive beneath cottonwood trees not far from the Rio Grande. A friend needed to give the hive away, so we loaded her up in the back of the 4-Runner wedged so close to the back window, we couldn’t roll it up.

We avoided the frenzy of a Friday night on Route 66 (Just imagine: “Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to pull over. Now what’s that in the back of your car?“) but we couldn’t avoid rather insistent hunger pangs and pulled — hive and all — into the Golden Pride drive-through for a couple of Albuquerque’s best breakfast burritos (I swear by #9, but my man prefers #8).

In a few we were home and transporting the hive by head-strapped flashlight into her new home next to the graffiti mural by Quip. Welcome to the ‘hood, girls!


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