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The girls are here!

15 Feb

We inherited a new hive today and installed her facing east in the back of our garden.

The Kerry hive originally started by beekeeper Bill

Alex and Paul help set up the "Kerry" hive originally started by beekeeper Bill

She’s a robust hive of bees bred by B. Weaver, housed in a beautiful top bar hive of TJ and Bill’s design. Given the disheartening events of last season, we’re feeling damn lucky to have a merry band of Apis mellifera back in our lives again.

Ghosts be vanquished! As of 20 minutes ago, the “Kerry” hive (originally part of Bill’s hive duo called “Cash and Kerry”) is now safely installed near a patch of Russian sage and Goldenrod, pure bliss for bees come summer.

Their original keeper, Bill wrote a farewell in his Bee Log:

2-15-09: Sold hive with bees to Chantal and Alex. I know they will be great parents! I wish them well and anticipate good reports of  my girls making lots of honey for them. Go in peace, your beekeeper, Bill

Bill hands over the girls to Alex

Bill hands off the girls to Alex