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The Day of the Swarm

30 Jun

This beekeeping thing is endlessly cryptic.

Take yesterday, for example, when bees from the Ann Hive swarmed TWICE and yet due to a clipped queen, remain stuck in our backyard.

Alex tells the dramatic tale of exodus and return…


My bees issue a declaration of swarm

6 Jul

Swarm cell, reabsorbedFor the past month or so, my girls have flirted with the event that drives despair into many a beekeeper’s heart — swarming.

According to this bee expert, bees swarm for two reasons:

  • Overcrowding
  • Overpopulation

Though Queen Natasha has been quite prolific, the hive is not yet full. My girls are most certainly antsy due to the overcrowding resulting from recent nectar flows in town.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep them happily hived including the introduction of empty top bars into the brood nest. So far, they haven’t hived, but the youngsters keep building swarm cells.

Could it be an emergency preparedness tactic more than a full-on declaration of swarm?