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Beekeeping in Poland (and other tales of my sudden demise)

27 Dec

Poof! Like a hive intent on new horizons, I disappeared this autumn for a long vacation in E. Europe. Some might call it a honeymoon, but my man and I preferred to call it an exploration.

Among the things ingested both visually and orally on our 6 week sabbatical (honeymoon? never!) were these sweet hives at the edge of the primeval Białowieża forest. Technically, they’re not on the protected UNESCO land but rather on the former palace grounds of Polish princes and Russian tsars.

bialowieza honeybees

Honeybees at the edge of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland

Though we didn’t see evidence of this hot new beekeeping revival or these sexy little rustic hives on our drives through the country, we saw backyard hives everywhere. Really, everywhere. Tiny villages in the rolling green countryside invariably had at least one local beekeeper selling “miod.”

At Białowieża, we bought honey mixed with propolis which is a thick sour-ish affair that my better half enjoyed deeply.