Fried honeybees on a stick? Bees at the NM State Fair

23 Sep

Amazement is putting it mildly.

“If you put your ear by the vent, you can hear the bees working inside… Right here.”

If the wide-eyes and motionless stares were any indication, honeybees were the hit of the Agricultural segment of the NM State Fair this month. Not that we stood a chance competing with “fried beer on a stick” or a “chile relleno corn dog” but compared to pigs? Bees are amazing.

Thousands of people stopped to visit my girls at the New Mexico State Fair this weekend, thanks to stellar organizing by Jessie Brown who wrangled the schedule of volunteers and procured an observation hive I could fill with two frames of bees. Kids and parents alike were enchanted by the hum of a real hive and the subtle vibrations they could feel with their hands on the glass.

Learn About Observation Hives


One Response to “Fried honeybees on a stick? Bees at the NM State Fair”

  1. Gene September 24, 2012 at 8:30 am #

    Today is the Pickup your honey and beeswax day at the State Fair. Anything remaining after the 6 pm close time will be forever lost. Take your claim check with you, and with a written permission, another person can pick your goodies up for you.

    Thanks to everyone who entered items this year.


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