Welcome Albuquerque Journal readers!

16 Sep

Thanks for reading this week’s beekeeping story in the Albuquerque Journal. Wowza, the girls we manage for City Open Space are now officially cover girls!

Sweet Deal

by Dan McKay, Thursday, September 16, 2010

Honey harvesting tastes even better than it sounds.

A few spilled drops are easily scooped up with a finger, and no one’s going to object if you chew on a discarded row of honeycomb.

But a small crew of city employees and volunteers is hoping to fill more than just bellies with the honey being collected. As part of a new project, the city will sell it to help generate a little cash — and perhaps educate people on the benefits of domesticated European honey bees, an important part of the ecosystem.

Read more in the ABQ Journal

Where to buy Open Space honey:

  • Check out the Urban Farm Fest this Saturday at the Open Space Visitor’s Center

Interested in Albuquerque beekeeping?

Photos of Dan McKay?

Or, if you’re just looking for a few photos of journalist Dan McKay getting all sticky with honey, I’m happy to help out.

Photo by Kent Swanson

Journalist McKay on the job

Photo by Kent Swanson

Honey harvesting tie not optional

Photo by Kent Swanson

Maintaining journalistic distance

Photo by Kent Swanson

The "coffee urn" honey extractor

(photos by Kent Swanson)

View more photos from the honey harvest


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