My glamour girls featured in Local iQ

5 Aug
Photo by Joy Godfrey

Photo by Joy Godfrey

Oh my! Me and the 40,000 vixens that call my backyard home are bashfully giddy about our feature in this week’s Local iQ. If it looks like we (me and the bees) are in love with each other, it’s because we are! Over the past 3 years, beekeeping has become one of the simple joys in my otherwise high-tech life.

“Bees are a reminder of our interdependence on one another,” Foster said in a recent interview. She elaborated that having bees in her life has changed the way she looks at nature. “I notice the rhythms now.”

Read the full article at Local iQ

Thanks to writer Kay Vinson and photographer Joy Godfrey for checking out my girls and learning more about Albuquerque’s amazing community of local beekeepers.


One Response to “My glamour girls featured in Local iQ”

  1. Bob Vivant August 7, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    Wow – great article Chantal! How nice to see urban beekeeping in Albuquerque getting such thorough coverage. And may it continue. Add this to our list of things to toast when we’re together next. Seriously though, how did you manage to look so glamourous in a bee suit? Only you!

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