Politicos Kick Off Pollinator Week in Albuquerque

20 Jun

It’s time to go hug a honeybee for National Pollinator Week.

Last week, Albuquerque Councilor O’Malley did just that — she donned a bee veil and came on down to the beehives I manage as a volunteer for City Open Space. We tasted a golden buttery honey right off the comb and talked about how bees contribute to our local economy (seriously, you can’t even ask the state question without honeybees). For me, it was an honor to share my hives with an elected official, especially one so concerned with quality of life in our city. Here are a few photos of “beekeeper” O’Malley and her crew:

"Beekeeper" O'Malley & her staff "Beekeeper" O'Malley
IMG_4022-1 IMG_4023-1
[View more photos]

Thanks to Councilor O’Malley, the week-long pollinator party is getting started with a honey tasting and proclamation during Monday’s City Council meeting. If you’re a beekeeper, friend of bees, or just a honey afficionado, come on down!

And if you can’t come tonight, consider checking out these other events occuring throughout Albuquerque.



You’ve probably heard the crisis facing honeybee populations worldwide. Some blame the increased use of nicotine-based pesticides and others call it “colony collapse disorder.” Even in Albuquerque, at least 25% of our managed bee hives have died in recent years.

Here’s what you can do to help:

And yes, you can hug a honeybee 😉 Male bees, known as “drones” are stingless and very, very huggable. Well, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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