Backyard + beehive photoshoot with Local iQ

23 Apr

UPDATE: My girls were featured in an even more recent issue of Local iQ with photos by Joy Godfrey. Enjoy!

I’m still blushing, it was such a chic morning.

On location (that location being my backyard) for Local iQ magazine, Albuquerque photographer Wes Naman was tramping about the garden this morning shooting things like the mural by Quip, the beehive, and a crumbly-ass Fu Manchu statue I picked up one summer in the South Valley. Editor Kevin Hopper was on site too and was genteel enough not to notice all the weeds and wacky detritus emblematic of a lazy gardener like me.

Look for the girls and/or the garden in next week’s issue of Local IQ.

Honeybee covergirls Honeybee covergirls>
Local IQ in my garden Pipe down now

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