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Bee Lessons: Worker Brood

4 May

Here’s another lesson from the Albuquerque bee man, TJ, and his rooftop hives.

How to identify worker brood

Comb filled with tight even worker brood like this is pure eye candy for the beekeeper opening her hives in Spring. Lots of worker brood means a strong workforce able to harvest spring nectar.

At my place in the city of Albuquerque, the girls will find nectar from a variety of trees such as apricot, elm, honey locust, and a variety of other flowering fruit trees maintained by urban gardeners. Thought, this year, my girls arrived late (I just received my package a couple of days ago) TJ’s bees have been hard at work for over a month. In fact, when I snapped the photo shown above, his girls were already bringing in honey and the gray pollen characteristic of elm trees. It’s the start of a rockin’ year for the hive.

It’s bee day

2 May

I started my first urban beehive today with the help of a nucleus colony ordered from Texas and the advice of local bee sage, TJ.

Here’s the story.

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Hive a waitin’

2 May

Like a lady in waiting, here’s my hive. Tomorrow its occupants arrive, all 10,000 of ’em. I’m so juiced, I can barely sleep.New top bar hive