Queen Natasha, the haughty princess lives on

17 May

I was about to quit and take up worm farming along with this guy, when suddenly in our inspection today, we spotted Queen Natasha happy on the comb. Actually, Aleksander spotted her and was giddy as an emo at the release of a new Harry Potter flick.

Why the drama?

Upon opening the hive last week, we spotted 2 supercedure cells and no sign of Queen Natasha, our new Allstar queen from B. Weaver. Not a promising vision for a newbeek such as myself. Much hand-wringing and frantic emails to TJ ensued.

Fortunately, things are back on track.

Upon the advice of my bee mentor TJ, we did leave the supercedure cells intact. The idea being that a hardy queen will terminate the upstarts or be terminated herself by a stronger queen.

My money’s on the haughty and virile Queen Natasha.


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