11 May

One week after installing a new package, we opened up our hive and found:

  • tons of honey
  • 2 new combs
  • some larvae
  • no queen
  • no new brood
  • 2 supercedure cells

Methinks the queen has disappeared. We didn’t remove the supercedure cells thinking that maybe the workers are trying to raise a new one but at the end of the day we’re utter newbies. Clueless.

I’ve got an email into TJ for advice. In the meantime, the only consolation is that I tasted my first homegrown honey today and it was divine.

Ok, word from the bee guru:

It is very likely that the queen is there.  If you can see larvae, then the queen did her job.  In order for the supercedure cell to be there, the bees needed a less than three day old egg.  Where else would they get it?  Do not destroy the super cell.  Lets see what develops.

So I’m in a holding pattern, folks. Stay tuned.


One Response to “Queenless?”


  1. Queen Natasha, the haughty princess lives on « Mistress Beek - May 17, 2008

    […] Upon opening the hive last week, we spotted 2 supercedure cells and no sign of Queen Natasha, our new Allstar queen from B. Weaver. Not a promising vision for a newbeek such as myself. Much hand-wringing and frantic emails to TJ ensued. […]

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